In order to effectively fulfill its objectives, the Superintendency complies with the following functions:
• Oversees the various entities that make up the financial system, i.e. financial intermediation companies, stock market, insurance companies and pension fund management companies.
• Regulates the financial system. Taking into account international best practices and designing a regulatory framework that is consistent and adequate for the objectives established for the financial system.
• Contributes to the fight against the use of the financial system for money laundering and financing of terrorism through the role of financial intelligence and reviewing prevention systems implemented by entities that make up the system, in close coordination with the relevant national bodies.
• Promotes transparency of the financial system, through the timely disclosure of information from different supervised entities, production of financial statistics and studies on the financial system, allowing the users of the system to make appropriate decisions.
• Conducts different authorization processes for the entry of new agents to the system, as well as board of directors or management members of regulated companies, and those involved in the authorization of new financial instruments of public offering and their respective issuing companies.
• Promotes fluent international relations through cooperation agreements and exchange of information with other supervisors, as well as effective participation in regional and international organizations related to regulation and supervision.
• Promotes user confidence in the financial system through the customer care system, either through diligent attention of complaints or queries from users of the financial system, as well as designing and implementing education programs for customers and investors.

• ​Receive and process information of supervised entities in order to facilitate supervision and transparency of the financial system.​