Report: High Value Payment System

This report describes the behavior of the real-time gross settlement system (RTGS), which was discontinued since its last issue in the first semester of 2011.
The objective of the report back then was “to share a comprehensive vision of the characteristics and operation of the high value payment system”. Despite the time that has passed, the objective has not changed, on the contrary, it is reaffirmed. The main difference lies in the way in which the information is presented, the criteria used for data collection, the operations considered, the currency in which the amounts are expressed, the graphs, the aim to provide further information about system utilization by banking institutions, and the role of the Central Bank as a participant in the RTGS.
This report has been divided in four chapters. The first describes in general terms the RTGS managed and operated by the CBU. The second deals directly with the treatment of the accumulated data, in amount and number of operations of the system as a whole. The third chapter presents a more detailed approach, where the information presented includes institutions, satellite systems which settle in RTGS and markets. Finally, the last chapter give a very brief summary of the norms that impact the system.