Numismatic Museum

Vista del Museo NumismáticoThe Numismatic Museum is located in the Central Bank of Uruguay building (CBU) on the mezzanine floor.  The Museum’s collection is divided into two sections.

The Uruguay Collection
This collection includes a display of banknotes issued by private banks, the Bank of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay (Banco de la Republica Oriental del Uruguay or BROU in Spanish), and the CBU.
There is a collection of Uruguayan coins, ordered by date, and of currency in use and a special collection that consists of authentic gold coins recovered from a shipwreck found in the River Plate.
The museum’s exhibits include information on changes in the monetary unit, a collection of piggy banks or money boxes, commemorative items for Numismatic Day celebrated on October 15, novelties, and items such as plaster, coin dies, commemorative material, planchets and impression cylinders.
If you are interested in obtaining old demonetized gold or silver coins, or other numismatic items, please visit or contact our office at 1967, ext 2452 or 2454, or send an email to
The Foreign Collection
Bocetos de monedasThe collection includes coins and banknotes from different countries as part of an exchange program between partnering countries. It’s a rotating exhibit changing periodically. There´s also a collection of more than 400 piggy banks/money boxes.
The procedures followed by the Museum are certified by Vision/Mission and Quality Policy Certification Unit.