Oversight of payment systems

Medios de pagoThe main objective of oversight is to ensure that payment systems are secure and function efficiently. It includes high value interbank payments as well as Retail Payments.

Payment and settlement systems enable the transfer of currency and financial instruments. Security and efficiency are essential for currency to be trusted as a means of payment, and for financial markets to operate in an adequate manner. Well designed and managed systems help maintain financial stability as they prevent or control financial crises, while contributing to reduce the costs and the uncertainty regarding the settlement process, which could otherwise be an obstacle to economic activity. Therefore, all payment and settlement systems play an important role in a market economy. Consequently, central banks have always focused on this area within the context of their responsibility for monetary and financial stability.
For the CBU, oversight of the payment system means ensuring that infrastructure components and the markets where payment services are rendered:
• Operate smoothly, efficiently and fairly for all participants and users.
• Minimize and control shock risks in the economy that could spread in the system due to participants' failure to meet their settlement obligations.
• Have the technological and institutional level required to satisfy the needs of payment in an open and growing economy.
Given the potential costs and the inherent gains in its multiple objectives, the supervisory role seeks to ensure that the payment system optimizes its services to the economy as it develops in time.