Treasury Department

To manage the nation’s cash effectively and efficiently by maintaining the quality of banknotes in circulation and making sure that the supply of bills and coins meet the requirements of the financial system and the public in general, striving to prevent the counterfeiting of currency.
To manage and safeguard government securities as well as other securities included in legal or administrative mandates.  To maintain, develop, and promote our numismatic heritage as part of the nation’s culture.
To be locally and internationally recognized as a professional manager of the nation’s cash and an institution that is trustworthy, sound, and efficient in safeguarding and promoting the integrity of the nation’s currency, values, and numismatic heritage.  This includes obtaining the recognition of:

• Our clients because of our ability to provide solutions, our proactive attitude, and the high quality of the services we provide.
• Our team members because of the positive working environment, our organizational development,  cohesiveness, and teamwork.
• Our suppliers because of our professionalism, willingness to seek agreements, and our commitment with our mission.
• Our peers in the CBU for our values, integrity and our ability to make proposals, clear objectives and our teamwork.