Statistics and Studies​

One of the Central Bank of Uruguay´s (CBU) strategic objectives is to generate and disseminate economic and financial information and data.

The CBU is committed to producing information that is accurate, timely, and collected and maintained in accordance with international standards and best practices.  It is also committed to conducting studies and research that is key to understanding the nation's economy and making decisions.

This section includes information related to a wide range of indicators, data and statistics compiled and published by the CBU.  It includes information on Money and Credit, the Financial System, National Accounts, and the Foreign Sector. 

Also included are the results of two surveys carried out on expectations, one on inflation expectations, and the second on the economy in general. The CBU was in charge of both surveys.

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​Money and Credit
CBU Monetary Balance Sheet

Main Monetary Aggregates

Reserve Assets

Daily Monetary Liability Report

Consolidated Monetary Balance Sheet

Monetary Base

Financial Statistics

Monthly News Bulletin

AFAP Quarterly Report

Main Variables in the Stock Market

Insurance – Financial Statements

External Sector

Balance of Payment

Foreign Trade

International Investment Position

Effective Exchange Rate Index

Gross Operating Surplus - Exports

Public Finances

International Liquidity Table

Global Public Sector Debt

Financing of the Global Public Sector

Central Government Financing

Uruguay´s Foreign Debt


Economics Magazine

Annual Conference of Economics


Working Documents