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23/02/2024 Tank meets diaz-alejandro: Household heterogeneity, non-homothetic preferences & policy design Webinar Zoom Ver más
26/04/2024 A HANK Model with Monetary Search Frictions Webinar Zoom Ver más
24/05/2024 Tweeting inflation: A real-time inflation perception indicator for colombia SALA DE SEMINARIOS Y WEBINAR Ver más
21/06/2024 Price Regulation in Credit Markets: A Trade-off between consumer protection and credit access Webinar Zoom Ver más
30/08/2024 Information Externalities, Funding Liquidity, and Fire Sales Webinar Zoom Ver más
25/10/2024 Financial and knowledge barriers to innovation: Complementary and substitution effects on innovative effort SALA DE SEMINARIOS Y WEBINAR Ver más
29/11/2024 Is High Debt Constraining Monetary Policy? Evidence from Inflation Expectations? Webinar Zoom Ver más