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The requests will be submitted to the Central Bank of Uruguay (Banco Central del Uruguay or BCU in Spanish) in writing and will include a clear and specific description of the information requested, as well as any additional information that will assist in locating the document.

The request must include the full name of the requestor or name of company, identification document or tax identification number (Registro Unico Tributario or R.U.T in Spanish), and current address.  The requestor can sign the document in handwriting (must include the name in print also), or provide a digital signature (refer to BCU Administrative Regulations, art. 36 defining the concept of digital signatures).  If the requester is a legal entity, the signatories must show actual authority to sign (BCU Administrative Regulations, art 44).link to complete text of the Regulation (in Spanish)

In order to ensure a prompt and clear request, we suggest the following procedures:

1 - Complete the form “Request to Access Public Information” (in Spanish)
2 – Print the form.
3 – Sign the form as described in previous paragraph.
4 – Submit the form to the BCU´s Document Management Unit.

If the request is being submitted electronically, the form, digitally signed, should be sent to

Before submitting a request for access to public information, it is suggested that the requestor does the following:

1 -Check the public information that is available through the BCU´s website, and specifically review the table of published information provided in compliance with public information norms (in Spanish)
2 - Review the Board of Directors Resolution (RD 46/2016) that identifies information that is deemed reserved or confidential. 

Names of responsible BCU staff members according to Decree 232/010 (in Spanish)