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Awards and Recognitions Received by the Central Bank of Uruguay

The Central Bank of Uruguay (CBU) has received a number of awards for its work in continuous improvement of the Bank’s processes.
Employee engagement and technical expertise have played a key role in obtaining these awards.
Certification of quality management, innovation, processes, transparency, best practices, commitment with public administration, and a history of public interest activities are some of the areas in which the bank has received recognition for its ongoing efforts.
November - The CBU received the 2015 Transparency Award in the category Archives (Premio a la Transparencia 2015 Categoria Archivos in Spanish) for fostering best practices in the safeguarding and availability of information assets.
May - The CBU´s General Secretariat obtained the LSQA Quality Certification, Norm ISO 9001:2008 for all the Bank’s processes.
March - The CBU´s Superintendency of Financial Services obtained the LSQA Certification, Norm ISO 9001:2008 that completes the evaluation of pertinent processes.
December - The Uruguayan Court of Auditors recognized the work of the CBU in Best Practices in Public Administration.
December - The Annual Economics Conference was awarded the Morosoli Prize granted by the Lolita Rubial Foundation.
October -  The National Quality Institute (INACAL in Spanish) recognized the work of the CBU in innovation at implementation level. 
August - The Internal Auditors obtained the Quality Certification issued by the Institute of Internal Auditors of Spain and Uruguay within the framework of the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing.
May - The Superintendency of Financial Services obtained the Quality Certification, issued by LSQA according to norm ISO 9001:2008 for some of its processes.
The General Secretariat was awarded the Commitment to Public Administration Prize, Gold Category from INACAL.
November - The CBU received the Award for "a Culture of Transparency" granted by the Access to Public Information Unit, an independent body under the Agency for the Development of e-Government Management and the Information and Knowledge Society (Agencia de Gobierno Electrónico y Sociedad de la Información y del Conocimiento de Uruguay in Spanish).
CBU´s Treasury Department received recognition from UNIT for Quality Management, Norm ISO 9001-2008 referring to cash management design and services, custody of securities, and numismatic management.