What is the Credit Registry?

Edificio del Banco Central del Uruguay 

It is an integrated system that consolidates the information provided by financial intermediaries, credit management and financial services companies, with regard to direct and contingent loans they have granted to individuals and legal entities or other finance sector institutions and economic groups of debtors.
The above mentioned institutions assess compliance and payment capacity of debtors and assign them a monthly category based on the standards issued by the Superintendency of Financial Services. Based on compliance and categorization they prepare a report and send it on a monthly basis to the Superintendency of Financial Services. The Superintendency consolidates the information sent by all the institutions in the Credit Registry.

The general rules on Credit Registry operations and the legal obligation to disclose information is published on the Central Bank's website as follows:

- Regulation and Control Standards for the Financial System (RNRCSF in Spanish) (Arts 1, 178 et seq., 532, 533, 635 and 604.)


- Specific Standard 3.8 of the Accounting Standards and Accounts Plan for Financial Intermediation Institutions.


- Communication 2012/021

- Act No. 17.948 of December 27, 2005.

- Act No.  18.812 of September 23, 2011.


- Organic Charter of the Central Bank of Uruguay, item T, Article 38 of Act. No. 16.696 as written in Article 11 of Act. No. 18.401.